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Ultramat offers cleaned Molybdenum and Tungsten wires, as thin as 0.015mm. 


The wires can be supplied on a spool, or as a straight, cut and cleaned, electropolished wire according to your specifications and requirements, which ensures the product is cleaned of any drawing lubricant or other debris. We also offer annealed, cut to size and straightened wires. 


All our metal based products are offered with a chemical analysis report as well as a quality test size certificate. 


High Temperature Springs and Supports

Ultramat offers high temperature springs and supports for vacuum furnaces, according to your drawings and specifications. Usually these items are produced out of Tungsten-Rhenium alloy, or pure Tungsten as well as pure Molybdenum. 




  Property  Description
1 Wire Diameter   0.015-3.0mm
2 Material  Tungsten, Molybdenum, Rhenium, Pt/Rh, Platinum 
3 Type  Black, Cleaned, Straightened, Gold Plated, Electropolished 



Some typical applications are as follows:


  • Ion Source Filament
  • High temperature Springs and Supports
  • Cathode Heaters 
  • Microwave Tube Heaters
  • X-Ray Tube Filaments
  • Cathode Heaters & Microwave Tube Heaters
  • Mass Spectrometer Filaments
  • Electron Beam Filaments
  • Analytical Sensor Filaments & Scientific Instrument Filaments
  • Electron Tube Filaments
  • Ionizing Gauge Filaments 
  • Filaments for scientific instruments
  • Getter heaters
  • Tungsten, Molybdenum and Rhenium Filaments for general uses  


Some typical applications for Tungsten and Molybdenum Wire:


Tungsten Wire


Molybdenum Wire


  • Spot welding electrode

  • Mercury switches

  • Filaments for automotive lamps

  • Filaments for the lighting Industry

  • Vacuum metallizing coils

  • Tungsten evaporation sources

  • Electron tubes

  • High temperature Springs and Supports     

  • Cathode heaters 

  • Microwave tube heaters

  • X-Ray Tube Filaments

  • Support Wire

  • Spray Wire

  • Molybdenum end plugs 

  • Molybdenum mandrels

  • High temperature furnaces    

  • Welding


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