Carbon Graphite

With expertise and competence grown over decades, Ultramat focuses on the supply of steady quality Graphite materials and reliable deliveries. We supply custom produced parts according to your drawing and specifications.

Isostatic Graphite

Isostatic Graphite

We offer a range of Isostatic Graphite products and grades for various applications. High purity graphite materials with ash content as low as 50 ppm, and Non-Oxidizing treated materials are available.

The following isostatic graphite UMC-15 and UMC-35 Grades are made with very fine grain sizes, increasing strength and density. UMC Isostatic graphite materials are alternatives for many cold pressed grades used in continuous casting dies, crucibles and heating elements. UME-15 and UME-35 are used for EDM roughing and finishing work. UMS-35 is a superior grade for many sintering applications.


Grade Name Unit UMC-15 UMC-35 UME-15 UME-35 UMS-35
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.75 1.85 1.82 1.90 1.90
Ash Content ppm 50 50 50 50 50
Specific Electrical Resistivity µΩm 9.0 10.0 12.0 13.0 8.5
Bending Strength MPa 38.0 46.0 48.0 60.0 55.0
Compressive Strength MPa 65.0 85.0 115.0 135.0 95.0
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 110-120 130-140 85-110 85-110 149
Hardness Shore 42 48 65 70 53
C.T.E 10-6/℃ 5.46 4.75 5.8 5.8 5.1
Standard Sizes 510x310x210/250 mm
610x510x250 mm

Extruded Graphite

With a perfectly homogenous structure and fine grain, our extruded graphite materials are easy to machine to precision. We currently offer three specialty extruded graphite grades to perfectly match your requirements.


Low Electrical Resistivity Grade:

Property Unit Grade: UMRD-N
Bulk Density g/cm³ 1.72
Ash Content ppm < 0.1%
Particle Size mm 0.8
Resistivity µΩm 7.5
Bending Strength MPa 20.0
Compressive Strength MPa 40.0
Standard Sizes 45x1250mm, 50x1250m
[100…500] x 1800mm

A wide range metal or resin impregnated grades are available. Please contact us for further information.

Grade Name Unit UMF UMFR UMFR-N
Bulk Density g/cm³ 1.65 1.72 1.74
Ash Content % < 0.3% < 0.2% < 0.1%
Particle Size mm 2.0 0.8 0.8
Resistivity MPa 10.0 8.0 8.5
Bending Strength MPa 13.0 16.0 19.0
Compressive Strength MPa 27.0 35.0 39.0
Standard Sizes Upon request 850/650x400x1830mm

(* The above data should be regarded as general information, not guaranteed specification limits.)

UMF Grade is an ideal economic material for simple applications.

UMFR Grade is the most popular multi-purpose material with higher density, higher mechanical strength, and less porosity.

UMFR-N Grade is suitable for applications which have strict requirements on the material with a very homogeneous grain structure.

Graphite Insulation Rigid Felt Board

Our rigid graphite insulation felt board materials (graphite foil coating on One side or both sides) have excellent thermal shock resistant and low thermal conductivity properties, which makes them ideal for insulations used in high temperature furnaces.

Grade Name Unit Rigid Felt
Bulk Density g/cm3 0.16-0.20
Carbon Content % 99% Min.
Ash Content ppm 300 Max.
Thermal Conductivity 1150C W/m.k 0.20
Process Temperature °C 2300
Operation Temperature Air


Inert Gas

Max.400 °C

Max.2400 °C

Max.3400 °C

Graphite Insulation Soft Felt Roll

With an excellent thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity, our soft graphite insulation felt material is ideal for high temperature furnace applications.

Grade Name Unit Soft Felt
Bulk Density g/cm3 0.12-0.14
Carbon Content % 99% Min
Ash Content ppm 300 Max.
Thermal Conductivity 1150C W/m.k 0.18
Process Temperature °C 2300
Operation Temperature Air


Inert Gas

Max.400 °C

Max.2400 °C

Max.3400 °C

Graphite for Vacuum Furnaces

Graphite hot zone elements according to drawings



CVD Fixtures


Curved Heating Elements



Crucibles and Boats

Graphite plates and blocks

Graphite Hot Zone Element

Diverse graphite parts:

Graphite Piston Rings and Graphite Rod packings, used in Pistons Viper Blades for thin film evaporators

Steam Rotary joint rings for rotary pressure joints in Paper mills

Graphite Plates, blocks, rings and tubes

Graphite Boats for Copper, Zinc and Aluminum Extrusions

Plates and Blocks used in Glass manufacturing

Parts for petrochemical industries

High density Blocks for casting dies

Graphite tubes & pipes

Crucibles, boats and trays

PTFE and Carbon Filled PTFE Sheets, Rods etc.

Custom elements

Graphite and Carbon pump elements:

Seal faces

Washers & seals for water pumps

Bearings and bushings

Vanes for petrol pumps, rotary pumps and vacuum pumps

Refineries & chemical industries:

Segment rings & Seals for all types of compressors & turbines

Rasching rings for distillation towers cooling tower, petrochemical towers used as tower packings

Carbon, PTFE and Graphite Filled PTFE Packing rings